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rockin' kitty

Another Evil recollection...

So like I was talkin' about Ben Phay...
I think my most favorite memory of Ben was when we were all standing outside the front of the school. There was my brother, Tim Terry, John Magoo, Jay Castro, George Willoughby, Jason Morales, Tammy Ciccone, John Drake, Jeff Mann, Wade, Johnny, and Sarah Phay. The ROTC guys marched through our cirle and bumped into Sarah Phay (who is now married to George Willoughby). Ben Phay went APE SHIT!!! One of ROTC guys told Sarah Phay to get the fuck out of the way. Ben screamed at the top of his lungs,"YOU GOT PROBLEMS MAN!!! YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! YOU GOT PROBLEMS!!! COME ON MOTHER FUCKER!!!" His face turned every shade of beet red and he screamed all sorts or shit at the ROTC guys. We were all dying! What was funny about that was he hated his sister... I mean we would talk on the phone and his sister would walk into his room and he would just say,"Sarah, get the fuck out of my room. You're a bitch Sarah. Get out of my room!" They would scream at each other for a long time while I was on the phone. It was great.

It totally reminded me of when I would call Chris Koston *sigh* and he and his mom, then his sister would go at it. And I wondered where Eric was when all of this was going on... Eric was out skating (that's why he's pro now making like a bazillion dollars).

Thanks misch74 you brought back some fond memories. I mean I have plenty of memories of Ben since I grew up with him. Julio's chip and salsa. And let's not forget all of the weekends we were at RHPS!!! And then the park at dark!!! Oh man I could go on forever!!!

But I will spare you.


*head explodes at the mention of all those familiar names*
It's a good thing I didn't do weed in high school. Otherwise, I would be like,"uh who are those people I used to hang out with?"
Eric looks just like Chris... JUST LIKE CHRIS. MMMMM *evil grins*
*gets idea*
Wait, are you telling me we went to school with Eric Koston?
No we went to school with Chris and Eileen. Eileen would have graduated the same time you did. And I would have graduated with Chris *sigh*. I loved him... I did you know.
I think he was two years younger than my brother.
I need to dig out my yearbooks. I can't picture either of them.
Chris will be in your Freshman year book. And I think that's it. He dropped out of school right after we finished my Soph. year. Eileen SHOULD be in your Fresh. to Jr. Years.
I think my books are at my parent's house. I'll look when I'm there this weekend.
park in the dark \m/
\m/ park in the dark!!! woo hoo!

I remember my high school days... ahh Good times
Yeah they were fun even though I still maintain that I hated high school.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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