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rockin' kitty

House, bitches!!!

Ok, MOB GUYS CAN BE GAY TOO... The brother to the rainbow mobster was fucking hot!!!
RSL looked especially adorable last night.
What's up with that guy trying to fire HOUSE? *kicks guy in the nuts*
Thoughts on who's going to be leaving??? IT CAN'T BE OMAR EPPS OR THE HOT AUSSIE GUY--THAT WOULD SUCK ASS OUT LOUD...
I haven't read anything about it, because unlike some of you... I don't like spoilers... I AM NOT THAT KIND OF A GIRL...

I think I have had way too much caffine this morning... Take that back...


We got a chance to watch an ENTIRE episode last night and it was so cool!! I can't wait to pick up the DVD set when it comes out later.

House is really hot too!
I can't wait either!!! I think besides the Dukes of Hazzard and Diff'rent Strokes and Degrassi, This is a must have!!!
DEGRASSI???!!!! *falls off chair giggling*

You so silly! That's alright, if they could put out DVD sets of General Hospital, I'd buy it in a heartbeat! *hangs head in shame*
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? DEGRASSI FUCKING RULES!!! I LOVE DEGRASSI!!! I watch The Next Generation like nobody's bidness.
lol! You are such a girlie! LOLOLOL!!
I am a fool for teen movies and teen shows. I watch Radio Free Roscoe too.
I am a teen geek fer shur!!!
ooooooo, I freakin' need Different Strokes!
Hell yeah!!! We should see if they have DVD's... Then have a DS night!!!
I got the wide screen!!!
aaaw! that would fucking rule \m/
I totally said after last nights ep, "when this comes out on DVD, cause it will, I totally need to own it!"
fucking House rules!

I was totally like (hello valley girl in there*knock,knock*) WTF they can't get rid of anyone. I LOVE Omar, hot aussie is hot, and the girl creates tension with the guys and she luuuves House! No, what they need to do is get rid of stupid new dude, maybe he'll get deathly ill and House will save his sorry ass?

I haven't seen any spoilers, not something they talk about much yet. Even if it was #4 in the freakin' Neilsen's!!!
Hey that's brilliant!!! If that dumb guy gets sick then House has to save him and he sees that House is worth something... Then House gets to stay on and stuff... All will be well in the world of HOUSE. It's classic!!! "I saved your life. I know I am your hero. Now let me keep my job... I have a patient in room 203 with a carrot stuck up his ass. Now let me do my job."
Now let me keep my job... I have a patient in room 203 with a carrot stuck up his ass. Now let me do my job."

speaking of things stuck in orifaces, how brilliant was the little boy with the policeman/fireman/firetruck/cat stuck up his nose. I loved that, he's been sending in teams to rescue the cat! LMAO!
I loved that too. It's kids.*nods* We haven't gotten to that point with MINI ME yet... But I am sure that day will come soon.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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