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rockin' kitty


I just got back from having my hair did. YAY! So the next time everyone will see me, it will be different. I went to Empire and talked to Bobby about my back. He's going to draw something up really cool for my cat!!! YAY! Then told him that I wanted a claddagh and asked him what his plans were for 6:30 tomorrow night. He checked his schedule and said,"Yeah, just call me. I will be here!" How fucking cool! I am going to get inked tomorrow evening. I am so excited! Then I told Sean for V-day, I want my Alice theme to be done. He doesn't care.
So I am going to defintely have two more tattoos by Dan's b-day!!! woo hoo!


Maybe one of these days you and I can get some Ink done together. I can't stand that my girl has ink and I don't. HEH! I gotta RAWK, and all that.
Hell yeah! Let's get inked together! It will be bonding. And I have lots of cavas to work with.
Cool. Cause I know I've been a pussy up to this point. You and Jenn can hold my hand while I get it done. :-)
I would be glad to do it. When you get one, I will get another. I promise.
Hell, I'll get one done too!
YAY!!! It will be so much fun! I love getting work done.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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