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rockin' kitty

Well, at least it's not Monday...

Ok, I just heard on the news that the state of California is finally going to execute someone. This guy has been in prison since 1981. They have tied my tax dollars up in appeals and all different kind of bullshit for longer than my friend with the Chevelle has been alive!

I am done with that now. I was just thinking about it. Sorry.

In three more days I will get to see my favorite band. Audrey will be staying at Aunt Jo's and Uncle Geoff's for the first time ever. I realize that she needs the experience of staying with other people, so I will try to be strong and make Sean take her inside. ;)~ And plus, I get to see my hot ass bass player up on stage and my hot ass guitar player up on stage!!!

I have no idea where Spceland is. It's in Silverlake, where ever that is.


Nice sassy new Icon. Love the hair too!

Thank you!!! *bows*
Isn't that a face that you would show your mom?

It's my "suck it" face. ;)~

Why fight it? I know you want to.
Looking at the shape of your mouth in that icon I BET you can suck it...


god I feel so dirty
Silverlake is off the 101 freeway, near Hollywood. Are we going to try and get together this trip, or just wait for Atomic Punks?
I would love to get together for this trip. I think Sean and I are leaving Redlands at 7pm. I think the show starts at nine. Woo hoo!
Oops, I forgot I have plans Friday night!
The show is on Thursday... You have plans Friday?
Oh, Thursday! I thought your show was on Friday. Ugh, it will be too hard to get anywhere in LA on a weeknight. Next time!
Ok, I will settle for next time. Sean wanted to know why I was going to see you guys at the House of Blues with the Atomic Punks and I told him that I wanted to. Then told me that I could see you and dan anytime. So I said,"NU-UH SEAN!!! THEY LIVE IN L.A.!!!
Wait, he's saying you can see us ANYTIME! That means you could visit every single weekend!

Or not :-p
Yeah! I guess I could... *gets evil and nasty thought in head*
Poor Sean ;-)
Come get some of this, you know you want it!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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