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rockin' kitty

This morning...

I went to drop off Audrey at my mom and dad's, then went to the doctor's office to get the stiches pulled from my back. I got to San Bernardino at 8:30, so I figured that I would stop at the liquor store to by cigarettes. Did that. Then I went to Saint Bernardine's. Got up to my doctor's office with five minutes to spare. So I went in and wrote my name down and waited. There was NO place to sit. This one couple were playing tonsil hockey in the corner. Ok, like I wanted to see that! Just because I like licking chest doesn't mean that I want to do it in public. Blah! I waited about an hour before the fifth cup of coffee hit my bladder, so I asked for the key to the restroom. I got the key and headed down the hall. The sign said occupied. Ok, so I waited outside of the restroom and waited. At this point I was getting sort of pissed. Jenn knows that I have no patience what so ever especially when I have to go. So, I go back to the doctor's office. As I went into the door, this one woman laughed at me. I said,"This is fucking ridiculous!" (oh yeah I did). So then I wait some more and thankfully the tosil hockey kids were gone. Then I asked for the key again and explained to the receptionist that there was someone in there before. So I go back there. THAT BITCH WAS STILL IN THERE! Oh I was just about to whip ass for sure. I was going to break down that door, and then it hit me... "Jen, there's no one in the men's bathroom, bust your potty and go!" So I did just that and while I was in the men's bathroom, I screamed like a four year old who just got her toy taken away,"YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE! FUCK! I HAVE TO FUCKING GO TOO!!!" By the time I was done, I guess she was too. She was waiting by the elevator. She looked at me and I gave her a dirty look back, shook my head, and said,"Bitch!".
I mean I could kicked her wrinkly ass for sure!


Should have said "I sure hope you blew a kidney using all that time in the restroom, Oh, and Your fat"

Sorry hon, Good for you takin the mens room!
Old bitch! I thought that's what they made Depends for!
Then they called me into the office and said,"All you need to tell us was that you were here for your stiches and the result of your biopsy and we would have let you right in!" OMG I wanted to kill.
And the men's room is something I will take at any time. I have no shame in my game!
What a bunch of fuckwads...sorry love!
eh, it's alright. I just thought me yelling at the old lady was fun. Maybe I made her cry...
Or piss her pants again
Yeah that old cunt!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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