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rockin' kitty

Ok, did you know?

I just heard that it costs more to execute someone in the State of California, than it does for them to just sit on his ass and be a bitch for the rest of his life to someone named Bubba. If they give me a weapon, I would gladly do it for free.


It Adds Up

Well yeah,
* Cost to keep the 4 protesters outside the prison under control
* It cost $200,000 a minute to keep the lines open for the Governors call
* Their last meal is usually catered by Wolfgang Puck at $10,000 an hour
* The needle is made of a 24 karat gold and cost about $34,000
* The alcohol swab is imported from Russia at a cost $64,000
* The lethal injection fluid is a special blend that can only be purchaced in the south of Asia at a cost of $40,000 per cc.
* Not to mention the cost of the Celebrity injector: ranging anywhere from $20,000 for the likes of Gary Coleman to $200,000 for someone like Donald Trump.

It really does add up.

Re: It Adds Up

But if they'd just televise it, they'd make it all back plus 3xs more!!

Re: It Adds Up

Pay-Pre-View sure...but FOX would be forced to blur out any signs of skin...

Re: It Adds Up

I would totally watch. I would have one of my theme parties...

Oh...and ::::SMOOOOCH::::
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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