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rockin' kitty

Today is MY DAY

Tonight I get to see my bass player!!! YAY! Oh and my guitar player! Let's not forget my drummer either... I know that I will be needing lots and lots of caffine. I asked Sean what we were going to do with our extra ticket, then it hit me... What about the fine guy at Stell's with the dreads? So then I asked Sean,"what about my guy at the coffee shop with dreads?" And Sean said,"If he wants the ticket fine. But he can't go with us."
Tonight I not only get to see my bass player, my guitar player, and my drummer, but I will get to see Steph and Eric--hooray!!! Steph works with TJ (the man responsible for my great hair) and Eric is her boyfriend. They are a lot of fun and like to get into trouble like I do.
Meagan and I were talking at work yesterday and talked about the lottery. I told her that the first two things I would get would be: a college fund set up for Audrey and the I would go to beauty school. Ok, yeah the first one, but I would get my muscle car and my boobs before I went to beauty school.
My lips are chapped. I think it's from all that lip lickin' I've been doing from those damn pictures!!! Now my lips won't look lushis for tonight! Ok, THIS IS WAR DAMMIT! Oh it's on like Donkey Kong!


I know a TJ who does hair in Redlands. Can it be the same person?
Tall skinny white guy?
Wears colored contacts?

Where do you get your hair done, that might be easier ;-)
He has his own shop now called Technicolour on State St. And yes he wears colored contacts sometimes. He used to work at Evans co, then Kaos. I've been going to him for about three years now.
Marcia and I saw him during the summer at one of the salons on Cajon Street, in the same building as GFE.

It's got to be the same person. Got to be. And that just proves it's a small world after all!
Oh yeah, it's him. He's really great. Does really great hair.
Tell him I say hello!!
I will! Sean gets his hair done by him too. We love the TJ.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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