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rockin' kitty

Don't do that...

I just got back from the bank... I hate the bank here in Rialto, but I don't have time to drive to Redlands and then back. I should have done that because then I would be eating Thai instead of Mexican. ANYWAYS. The bank in Rialto sucks ass out loud! Oh why did I need to go to bank for lunch? I had to get a cashier's check because MY band doesn't take personal checks--because they are smart. And as a Christmas present to myself, I am buying a sweatshirt from MY band.
I go to every fucking counter just to find a pen that works. I even tried to snag a pen from an old man. I played it off,"oh you're using THIS pen?". FINALLY found a pen that worked. Got in line with about everyone and their mothers' dogs in line. KIDS RUNNING AROUND LIKE STRAY DOGS. I try to tune them out. And then the guy in front of me kept staring at me--DON'T DO THAT! Then the old man that I tried to snag the pen from came up behind me and said,"this is great weather for ducks." so, I turned around and said,"EXCUSE ME?" and he said nothing. And you know what? The counter is like 5 feet tall! I am 5'2.
And while I am on the subject of my height...
This morning one of the girls here asked me why my pants hang over my shoes and drag on the floor. I LIKE MY PANTS TO DRAG ON THE FLOOR. I LIKE THE FACT THAT I CAN'T SEE MY SHOES (BLUE SLIP-ON'S TODAY). So, then I told her that the powers that be at AE think that petite means you are 5'9" instead of 6'3"...


WOW! You got the hate goin on. I love this, not that your pissed off, but that I'm not alone in my frustration of the stupid.

can ya feel me?

What make people think that I want to talk to to THEM? I hate them!!! Hate hate hate. What I really like was my sisterpointing out to me that I have a high profile vehicle and it was windy. I mean that was almost as bad as the fat nurse who told me once,"if you don't stop smoking you will die." so I told her,"you're fat. If you don't stop eating you will die." I hate them I tell ya! And that old guy smelled and didn't have any front teeth. I guess Santa forgot to bring him his two front teeth.
"Oh, do you have a cat?"


*falls on floor laughing*
Short pants touch the floor that I walk on. OK!?
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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