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rockin' kitty

Much better now.

I took a nap with Audrey this afternoon after I dropped Sean off at school. He spoke Spanish to me the enitre way I took him there. So, on his way out I declared that English and Audrenese are the only two languages to be spoken in my car.ENGLISH MUTHA FUCKA--DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?
The rule in Jen's car is very simple: I am driving, therefore I think it's only fair that I get to listen to what I want. You have been warned. That way you won't look at me funny when I tell you that all 6 cd's in my cd player are Fu Manchu's *sigh* stuff. And you don't get mad when we listen to The Ramones over and over and over again like Sam did when he asked me,"Jen are we ever going to listen to anything but The Ramones?" I almost threw him out of the car.
And I ain't havin' Spanish or anything else like that. When I am someone else's car, I don't ever tell them what to listen to, well except for the time when Chelle drove to lunch and we had to listen to Richard Marx. I confronted her on that. Oh sure, she pretended to be dumb about the whole matter,"IS that Richard Marx?" So then I yelled at her,"You know who it is! Don't pretend like you aren't into Richard Marx for my sake." Chelle likes to pretend that she rocks like I do. And I guess it's alright to have someone idolize me for the rock goddess that I am, but I am truly a poor role model for anyone, well unless you plan on getting arrested for licking some hot guy's chest... IS THAT ILLEGAL? I mean I have been told that my tongue should be illegal... hmmm... But that's a bad story for not another day...
Ok, I know that everyone out there has their "forbidden" list of things they listen to. I have mine and I would have to be pretty hammered to share it (like hammered to where I could get arrested or deported or something along those lines for molesting someone or something). It's stuff that I would hafta kill ya over. And the only thing my friends can listen to in my car is rock and metal.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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