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rockin' kitty

It's Sunday!!!

You have to excuse me, but by Sunday I get cabin fever and I start thinking of The Shinning and stuff like that...
I took Sean to school yesterday and picked him up at 5. Then we had to go buy milk for Audrey. On the way home we were listening to Fu Manchu (need you ask) and Sean said,"I have decided to go and see The Atomic Punks with you." And I told him,"No, you don't have to." Now he wants to go because he wants to get out of the house. I told him,"Good, then you can meet all of my friends who think you are a NAZI."
So we are going now, because obviously Jen can't go potty all by herself. But at least I get to go and that's all that counts!!!



But...but...You were MINE for the evening...MY BIRTHDAY!!! No BOYS!

Oh alright, small price to pay to have you there. If he desides he wants to leave early I am personaly beating the shit out of him
But you are forgetting we have KING FUCKING DIAMOND to look forward to *kiss*
Unless the Shawn desides you can't go to that either!
Woo hoo!!

Sean's already met me, and he knows I'm not a Nazi. So why would he think I'd associate with Nazis? Whatever, at least you're going!!
No, he's the Nazi. lol. The fun police will be out in full force that night and I will be forced to BEHAVE--jive. But at least I get to hang out and have some kind of fun!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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