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rockin' kitty

Hey are you awake?

Had a really laid back weekend. Yesterday I met Marcia for some coffee before she had to go to work. It's so nice to just be Jen and not have a husband and a child (although I adore my daughter with all of my heart) at my hip all of the time. It was much needed.
I talked to my dad last night before we went to dinner with Lisa B (who wants to go to the Atomic Punks show too). I have decided that Bob needs meds. I know that I am one to talk. I KNOW THIS! But I talked to him all of five minutes and he was telling me about the tree at my Aunt's house, then he was telling me about her husband being stuck in Lebanon, then he told me that he didn't want to gossip like that, then he told me about how my aunt was over while he watched the football game, then he started asking me what I did, and if I did anything special. I told him,"Well, I went to the store and hung out with my friend Marcia" (hooray). And Sean and I are going to go out to the Rama Garden for some dinner with Lisa B." So, then he asked what time this dinner was and when I told him at 6, he just said, "OK BYE". He gets so fucking weird!

OK GOOFY PROUD MOM MOMENT... Audrey gives real kisses now... She's so sweet.


It's so nice to just be Jen and not have a husband and a child

*hugs* I empathize with you COMPLETELY!!!
It's hard because sometimes I feel so selfish for just wanting to get away from the house and the hubby. But then I know if I just stay there I would go insane!
Yah! for coffee fun with me :)

Every girl needs her me time, even (especially) a mom
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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