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rockin' kitty

It's Friday!!!

This morning The Sean(tm) left super early. He is going to work on some stuff out in L.A. today and Azusa. Then he has band practice. I will be talking MINI ME for a check up. Then I think I will take her for a treat. Hey shots are never fun. He's still wanting to take me to see E3... I just want to see Lords of Dogtown which comes out today in Theatres... I will wait for misch74 next weekend we are going to go.

Tonight Tacos. Tomorrow night Leonard.

My friend Jerry's band is playing show in Huntington Park--Home of the soccer riots on June 17. I have yet to see them play. BUT!!! They are on MYSPACE incase anyone is interested...

I wanted to thank the following people:
entitymel for talking to me yesterday.
cwjennifer for making my vacation a little more bearable.
igiggedwitdanny for letting me be his hot rocker chick...
misch74 for having coffee with me two nights in a row and keeping me company.
firelizard and eastcoastreject for driving out to Redlands for some coffee and fun conversation--I DIDN'T SEE IT I DIDN'T SEE IT...

I had a great week with you guys thank you.


Lovin' all over ya!
*mwah* You are the greatest Drummer a girl could have!!!
glad to be of use on your vacation ;o)

see you tomorrow night \m/
I am too. I am so glad that we are friends.
it was totally worth the drive and should be repeated sometime soon
I hope it can be and soon.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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