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rockin' kitty

Lords of Dogtown!!!

I went and saw Lords of Dogtown with misch74 and beholdthesean today. All I can say is that movie fucking rocks! I love it! I loved the skating in it. I loved the fact that Tony Alva actually was used as a skate coach. Heath Ledger was awsome! All of the guys who played Tony Alva, Stacey Peralta, and Jay Adams were fantastic and Fucking Hot to say the least! Johnny Knoxville was awsome too.
I was totally blown away when I saw The Real Jay Adams in one scene, then the real Stacey Peralta, THEN!!! Lance Mountain in an scene from England, Then a glimpse of the real Skip, and finally Tony Hawk!!!
The soundtrack fucking rocks as well! I bought mine from Amazon, so if you can't find it anywhere else... It's there!
When the scene when Jay Adams appears, I leaned over to beholdthesean,"Oh My God!!! that was Jay Adams!!!" It's really cool to hear that he is out of prison now and is skating and surfing in Hawaii.
It made me think of Christian Hosoi. Maybe he will skate when he gets out. Too bad that Gator is a lifer--what a waste!
Then we took Marcia to La Costa for lunch. It was Yummy.

Well that's all that I have for you guys right now... If you haven't seen the movie, go see it.


I actually loved all the parts where I got to see the real guys. I am that girl that watches movies and if I recognize someone in it, I will say,"OH THAT PERSON WAS IN THIS!!!"
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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