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rockin' kitty

Good morning!!!

So last night I came home and got to play a little bit on the computer. Then Sean saw Mel's cowbell thing and was like "Fuck Yeah!" So he decided to stay with me while I played on here. So, I had to be careful. He was cool about it when I was looking for my set of boobs though. He even had me turn the parental settings off. I was getting kind of grumpy about it because I said Boobs not beavers (eeeeee). Then he got inspired to played that Blue Oyster Cult song (oh you know the one) *nods*. So, there I was trying to play and he wanted to take over! Then he said ,"Who's that guy on your journal?" so I said,"Oh it's Jeff from Speedealer" *sigh*. And then he said,"All you do is post pictures of guys on there!" So then I told him, "You wouldn't understand." I think he needs to be banned form this room while I play.
Now, I have decided that today, I am going to make it my life's mission to be nice to people. I am going to tell Lisa and Chelle that I am sorry that they can't take a joke and next time they should. I am going to be nice to people that ask me stupid questions, it's not their faults entirely that they aren't as smart as I am, right? I might be nice to people when I drive, but I doubt it.
Sean over slept. At least he has coffee.

Have a good morning.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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