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June 6th, 2007

rockin' kitty

Ok so today!!!

I have a few minutes to update before I shower... Just a few.

Today I am going to go to Whittier or Glendale I am not sure which yet because I have to call and see where I can buy the books I will need to prepare for the thing that I promised misch74 I wouldn't mention.

St. Larry130 has been Yahoo IM, but thankfully he hasn't contacted me anymore. *sighs with relief*

I don't have too much planned so far for the weekend. My lucky day is Friday so said my horoscope. We will see.

THE FU have posted a show in AZ and it's on a Friday and it's free!!! So I may go. I have not decided for sure and since THE MATT is being JIVE about not checking his voice mail again, he has no idea that I want to go... Maybe I could go by myself. I don't know. Company is always good on these little adventures of mine. But then again... I don't know if I want to go to AZ again and then drive back and do it again a second night. I DO KNOW THIS... I WOULD MUCH RATHER SEE MY FAVORITE BAND PLAY FOR FREE THAN SEE MICHAEL SCHENKER FOR THE MATT. At the same time, if it's his will to go to Michael Schenker then, I should just be glad that I have a show to go to and it's with great company... *nods*

So whatever he thinks will be fine with me... Maybe I can use my evil on him and work a little magic on him to go to AZ...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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