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rockin' kitty

It's a wonderful wet Wednesday...

Ok, I will just keep telling myself that. Did any of you hot ladies catch House last night? I think that's going to be one of my favorite t.v. shows. I like all that medical shit... Did I miss Collin for Robert Sean?
Sean didn't like the show. He's television show critic you know. "I hate this... I hate that..." and all I would tell him is "SHHHH! ROBERT SEAN LEONARD!" Omar Epps is pretty decent too.
Does anyone know what I get to watch at my house *clears throat*? Here's my list of t.v. shows I get to watch at Chez Tucker:
American Choppers
American Iron
Great Biker Build-Off
West Coast Choppers
New Star Trek
Clifford the Big Red Dog (ok, I like that one because it was John Ritter who did the voice of Clifford)
Boo Bah
Blue's Clues--is it wrong to like Donovan Patton? Just checking.
Sesame Street
Little Bear
I could of course go on, but I think you all get the general idea.
I just want to watch Three's Company in peace dammit!
I am just going to embrace the day. Well, try to at least.


I started to Tivo "House" and then never watched it. I really should, it looks like something I would enjoy. I just can't make myself sit still long enough to watch TV!
I liked it, Sean didn't. But that's par for our house. I like all of the CSI, forensics stuff and he thinks I am disgusting for liking it. Oh well what can you do?
What, he doesn't like you watching "smart" shows?
Only if they have motorcycles in them, I guess. Oh well, at least I have my unnatural obsession with my livejournal.
Oh to hell with him. You have us ;-)
When did the little freak become not okay? Cause it's not like you were ever the "normal" wife!
Oh who knows!
Tell him to go stick his head in a Motorcycle book for the hour, because "House" f**king rocks. Um, Robert Sean Leonard. And how awesome is Hugh Laurie as Dr. House! I thank god for two Tivo's in the house because I use mom and dad for "House" and mine for "Scrubs". I've even got mom hooked on "House".
You've got two Tivo's?--LUCKY!
Hugh Laurie is awsome, period!
Well, technically I only have one, but then mom and dad have one also and I use it on occassion to tape necessary shows. So...
I am so happy to have you guys!!!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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