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rockin' kitty

Tattoos and Tartan

I cannot believe that misch74 has never been to the Tartan! That place is infamous for having fine Corinthian leather booths--the Tartan and the John Wayne booths are my favorites! That place is notorious for its clientel--old Redlands people that go there at happy hour and stumble out of there at closing time to drive home to the South part of REdlands in their Cadillacs! I told her that we needed to organize a Tartan night. So, yeah! Tartan night bitches! Some time, doesn't have to be right away or anything.
Now for something of more importance... Tattoos... I have no idea how big Bobby is planning on going with my back piece. I just know it will be fucking hot and Dan will get all sorts of jealous because he doesn't have any tattoos. Jenn, we really need to have him grow a pair when it comes to this... I am not going to have any skin left and then he will say,"Uh Jen, I am ready..." There will be nothing left! Hurry up! Patience is not MY virtue! I decided that I was going to go with Astrological signs for Caelin and Audrey's month's for my arms... Maybe something that will make them capped? Who knows.


Well actually, I have been to the Tartan. Only like three times and the first time was within the last year, which is hilarious when you consider how long the place has been here and that I grew up in Redlands.
I must say, I too love the whole "fine Corinthian leather" booth thing. I love the whole smokey drunk vibe of the place. And a place like that which serves alcohol and steak, i'm in.
If we are even in San Francisco together I have a bar that you must go to with me. It is the best place! It's called the Owl Tree, all cozy, pleathery 70's chairs, owls freakin' everywhere, and the best grumpy little old man bartender ever. Love it! I posted a link to the citysearch description.

Well, I would like to have a Tartan night soon, then we could go to the Vault or Chuck's Nuts or something... mmmmm Vodka Collins and Steak--Fuck yeah I'm in!
And I would love to go to the Owl Tree.
We must. I heard they are closing for a week to do some kitchen renovation, I'm not sure when, but we'll plan around them.

LOL! Chuck's nuts, LOL!
Huh? What? The Tartan? The only kitchen renovation they really need to do is get a cook that knows the difference between medium well and medium rare and medium... Other than that, it's all good with me!
I heard a nasty little rumor that they are shutting down the dirty bird, so we must hit that before they close. bloody mary's!!!! mmmm
fuck it, just bring me a bottle of vodka and call it good!
OMG, I want a Tartan burger SO bad now!

I LOVE your idea for the astrological signs.

I think I want one in the middle of my back, just above my waist. Am I crazy, will that hurt worse than the lower back?
You know, I don't know about the pain thresh hold rating on the middle of the back. The upper back like in between your shoulder blades isn't too bad as compared to the back of the neck. I think the worst would be on the spine, the rest should be a piece of cake! And depending on how big my back piece is... If you get something there, then I will too. I am always all about taking one for the team!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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