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rockin' kitty

It's like 50 outside and...

My sister left the fan on in the office! GRRR! It's cold, or maybe that's a good sign because I always get cold during THAT TIME... hmmm. I KNOW THANKS FOR SHARING! *stomps foot on ground* This is my journal and I'm gonna use it for my own evil and perverted devices...
At least I have my really great Fu Manchu sweat shirt to keep this hot rocker body warm. Hee hee, it's not entirely perfect. You know what would be total perfection? The real things baby! My Bass Player, or the guitar player, or my drummer... I know I am a total groupie, aren't I? I would have been perfect groupie material in the 80's, I was just too young. *sigh*
I went and got coffee at Stell. mmmm Stell! The Chad (new friend) and I were discussing my Fu Manchu show review and highlights of the show--free drink, smoking upstairs, people stepping on precious toes, 40 dollar parking ticket, GETTING TO STAND FIVE FEET IN FRONT OF MY GUITAR PLAYER!!! So then we discussed up and coming shows: The Reverand Horton Heat with The Supersuckers, King Diamond, The Atomic Punks, Motorhead!!! And one guy looked at me like,"You listen to Motorhead?" and one guy looked at me did this \m/ when I mentioned the Atomic Punks and said "Fuck Yeah!" It's all Fonzie!
So then the question was posed to me... WHEN AM I HAVING A PARTY AT CHEZ TUCKER? um... We haven't broken in Chez Tucker yet... Maybe this summer, AND I would want all of you to come of course.



Party at Jennifer's!

I'll even come early and help you prep, if you need me to ;-)
Fuck Yeah! I don't know when this is going to take place, but I needs me a party!!!
Whatever, you know I'll be there!
me too! And I'm a good show up early and prep kind of girl too. And stay until the end of the party and help clean up too. I'm crazy that way!

Just no parties on July 16th, because I think that is when I am having my birthday party this year. K? :) *smooch*
k no party on july 16 and let me know for your birthday, k?
you know it, baby!
I always get cold during THAT TIME

hmmm, I'm always a sweaty pig
*one good turn does deserve another ;)
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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