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rockin' kitty

New tattoos


Cause I gotta know...

Because I wanted them... Period end of discussion... *giggles*
Why did I know you'd say that.

I'll kiss em, and make em better this weekend. WEEE!
Well, I got them there because you can see them if I move around my hands, but then they aren't that conspicuous. The first one, my teardrops didn't hurt at all, then the middle butterflies hurt when he shaded them, the Shamrocks hurt almost as bad as the back of my neck...

I got a real kick out of the tattoo artists who were looking at Pete while he was doing them... They shook their heads and said,"fuck no, I would never get tattoos there. You got more balls than any of us!!!"
Does the tear drop represent someone?
Yeah, you know I served some time twice for murder one...

Once for someone making fun of me knitting
Second time it for murder 1 for someone making fun of me being a fanilow m/.
The Shamrocks count as one each... I have one on the other ring finger as well.

They are green, white and orange--the Irish flag. I Am Irish ya know?
The count is 14 right now. I have JUST eight from my wrist to my fingers on both hands. I have four on my back--a Claddaugh, a huge evil Cheshire Cat that would stomp a mudwhole in Disney's Cat anyday. I have an evil faery and a butterfly on my lower back. I have a shamrock by my belly button and a winnie the pooh on my bikini line.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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