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rockin' kitty

Jen gets reflective...

I got home from work and took a nap. When I woke up I went to the potty and there it was!!! Woo Hoo! I I took a long nap with Audrey. Naps with Audrey are special because I know that they won't last forever. And I cannot believe how big she is getting. She says all different kinds of stuff now and asks all sorts of questions. Her hair is getting so long now and it's blonde (well, at least until she's old enough to tell me that she wants another color). And she's running all over the place and getting into all sorts of stuff. And I can't believe that it's been two years this weekend that I had her. I don't know if I told the story to anyone, but I will.

It was SuperBowl weekend and my doctor ordered me to not go into labor until after the game. We went to my sister-in-law's and I felt crappy, that Monday I stayed home because I felt really crappy. I ate very little that Sunday, but still was throwing up--no more room in the tummy. Anyways, I went to work on Tuesday and worked a ten hour day like I always did. That night Sean told me,"You are staying home the rest of this week." I told him,"No, I don't want to." He returned with,"No, I told you, you ARE staying home for the rest of this week. Roger wants you to stay home." So, I stayed home and cleaned. I washed all of the linens and stuff and called TJ to see if I could get my hair appointment changed because I didn't think I was going to make it until Saturday. Thursday, I went to my hair appointment. TJ had said something while he was putting foils in my hair that made me laugh so hard that I thought I peed my pants. So I figured,"Jokes on me." right? Well, I paid him and went home. I called Sean and told him that I was home and I was eating yogurt because I didn't want to eat something, but I needed to eat something. I was crying on the phone to Sean,"I don't have anything to do and I am bored." So, Sean said,"Lay down and watch your soap operas and take a nap." So, I laid down on the love seat and woosh! "Ok, what the fuck was that?" I had no idea what it was like to have your water break because with my first child, there wasn't any water, she didn't have any kidneys and consequently her lungs didn't develope (it's called Potter's Syndrome). I IMMEDIATELY jumped up and ran to the bathroom. My dog was barking at me. I started crying because I had no idea what in the world was going on, but the water wasn't stopping. So, I called Sean up,"Uh, I think my water just broke." and he asked me,"Well do you want me to come home?" and I said,"Yeah because I have to go to the hopsital."
We rushed to the hospital, Sean drove like 100 mph to St. Bernardine's. We got there and MY DOCTOR was called. He came in and suggested that they induce me because it could be HOURS before I start having contractions. So, then the nurse suggested an epideral. And I said,"yeah I would love one." So, they gave me some stuff that was called Nubain. I have no idea what's in it. But!!! I will tell you that you will forget your name with that stuff. Ok.
I never got my epideral. Sean went home to feed our zoo. The nurses kept upping the doses of the inducer--"um... Where's my epideral?" "Sorry hon, the anesthesiologist is busy with emergency c-sections." "Ummm, that's nice, but I don't care. I want my epideral." FUCKERS!!!
The nurses told everyone that it wouldn't be until the next day that I would deliver--THE NEXT DAY? Had I not been fucked up on that drug, I would have been hystercial. Ok, well, my mom, dad, my mother-in-law, and my aunt were all in the room watching t.v. and laughing. HOW THE FUCK CAN THEY BE LAUGHING? CAN'T THEY SEE THAT I AM IN PAIN? DO THEY EVEN CARE? WHERE THE FUCK IS SEAN--HE'S PARTLY RESPONSIBLE TOO. I told my mom to make everyone leave, except for her.
The next thing I know, the nurse checks me, and then tells me to get on my side because something's wrong with the baby's breathing. I got on my side. HOLY SHIT! I need to push. I tell my mom, "Tell my nurse that I need to push." Paula's color in her face quickly drained. She ran out of the room, "My daughter says she needs to push." Ok, the nurse comes in and tells me,"You can't push." WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T PUSH? I AM GOING TO PUSH.
See what no one realizes is that when they induce you, it takes a while for the medicine to perform its magic. But once it starts working, they can't stop it, and it took me 9 hours to dialate to 8cm, but 15 mintues to dialate from an 8cm to 10cm. They called my doctor when I was at 8 and he lives in Redlands like we do. Sean came running in and was like,"Oh God, what's going on?"
When a doctor came to check me, he said,"you can push when you are ready."
I was the rock star. I only pushed four times and there she was! It was 10:22pm that Thursday night.

If anyone ever really wants to know if it's worth it... It is.


so you actually had LABOR pain?? like....aside from the pushing part? I had my kidlet right after I turned 16....and I thought the whole labor thing was a fake-out that women did to get good drugs or something ;) they didnt give me anything....and I was bored for about 12 hours. after that they made me stay in bed (they HAD been letting me wander the hospital) and do that whole pushing thing....to which I say...no thank you!!!! oh no no noooooo.

2 years old?? *sniffle* I remember when mine was 2 years old. really really enjoy it while it lasts.....cause 10 years from now you'll look back and go "my god, I remember when she was 2". *sigh*
With my first child I started having contractions, but my water never broke, so for 12 1/2 hours I had labor pains. But I toughed it out and didn't have any pain meds.
With Audrey they had to induce me and so the contractions were worse. No, there was plenty of pain there. They gave me something to take the edge off, but it didn't take any pain away.
I am glad that I share a child birth experience with someone else other than myself. Thank you.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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