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rockin' kitty

Chuck E Cheese day!!!

Woo Hoo.
I sang my happy birthday to Audrey this morning, I am doing laundry, I made coffee, and I am currently listening to Sean speak Spanish. Now my house is going to sound like I was at Simsmetal again with the two girls talking shit about everyone in Spanish. Ignorance is bliss... Ignorance is bliss. I don't want to know. I did inform Sean that I did took a year of Spanish in high school, but I never went the second semester because I had a boyfriend who was 18 and he never went to school, SO...
Also told Sean that I wasn't going to church this morning. I have been good and have been going every weekend. Today, I am taking a day off. God understands and loves me for the evil little shit that I am anyways.
Next month there's a car and tattoo show that I want to go to because I want to go and see Honky play. Perhaps I may find a new band member ;)`. Jen is always on the prowl for someone to obsess over. Right now I just obsess over all of you in my LJ. AWWWW. I mean I don't want to lick ALL of your chests, well, not yet.
Oh I didn't tell you... At my show that I went to, there was this chick sitting at the bar and I accidentally poked her in the ass when I was trying to get money out. She looked back at me like,"Hey! Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?" And I said I was sorry that I wasn't trying to poke her--I wasn't that drunk yet... Sean laughed. She was kinda cute. We talked about the tattoos she had behind her ears. I told her that I wanted to get sometwited looking butterflies back there and she told me that out of all of the tattoos she has--AN ENTIRE BACK PIECE--MY NEW IDOL-- that those hurt the worst and to reconsider. grrr. I am going to do it... oh yeah! I will do it, just to prove that I am not a pussy. Not to anyone else, but just to myself.
Sean and I watched the Best of Saturday Night Live with Christopher Walken... I NEED MORE COWBELL. I love Christpoher Walken.
I bought Napoleon Dynamite last night. I love that movie. It reminds me of all of the kids that rode the short bus in Junior High.
Sam is employed at Martin Luther King Jr Middle School. In tha ghettttooooooo! *sings*.

Well, I have a diaper to change--potty training commences this week. Wish me luck!

Have a great day and I love you all.



rockin' kitty

June 2007

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