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rockin' kitty


Well, Audrey had a great day yesterday *sigh* I am so glad it's over with. I know that sounds crappy, but I don't like being around a lot of people and kids all at the same time. I get kind of nervous when Sean and I have to go somewhere. And yesterday, I did laundry all morning, didn't go to church (which totally butthurt Sean), dropped him off and then picked him up, I even made sure that I was on time to pick him up. Oh yeah, I get nervous and stressed about EVERYTHING. Anyways, got ready yesterday and while I was getting ready, I asked Sean to get Audrey ready. He acted like it bothered him. Ok, I don't ask a lot out of him. It's not I ask him to rub my toes or to give me bubble baths or anything. I don't ask to pampered. I should be treated like a queen. I should come home and find my slippers and a smoking jacket waiting for me with my fine Corinthian Leather Chair in the back yard for me to read my book on Serial Killers OR MY Charles Bukowski book and my coffee already brewed so that I can sit outside and smoke and read and be left alone... Oh yeah, that's what it should be like... Of course, then I wake up. *laughs*
Anyways, he got her ready, then decided at 10 minutes til 1 that he needed to change into his jeans, then I was looking for the camera and I couldn't find it. Ok, this is where all hell breaks loose and WW3 almost begins in my living room.
After he punches the wall and slams the door on my car, I decided that I was going to ignore him the entire day. Either that OR I was going to throw his ass from the car while I was driving 85. UHUH, YEAH.
But then when we got there and saw Brother Geoff, I asked him if he had an idea of where the camera was. He said it was in the back of his car. So, all was well there.
I folded all of the clothes night and went to bed.

Let's see what the day will bring. I am feeling kinduv like startin' some trouble... Have a great day!!!


***SMOOOCH*** My Rocker Jenn!
*smoooooooooch* MY DRUMMER DAN!!!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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