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rockin' kitty


What is up with all of these staples? I hate staples! They piss me off. I hate them because if you forget to take one of them out, they will fuck your copying all up. Oh yeah! The copy bitch speaks! And then!!! Who gives these people the right to put the work orders in any other given order other than mine? And they whine to me about nit picky shit like pulling this information and that information, and one person will tell another person, "oh, you have to put poll tags with the proper stations becaue the girls aren't that intelligent to figure out what goes where." Uh excuse me? I am the one who puts the work orders together, aren't I? I am the one that has to make sure that everything is in it's proper place and what have you!
I hate them! And then, they fucking staple everything together!!! If you paperclip it, it all stays together, right? Staples are a waste of my time and precious energy. It takes me forver to go through a work order and pull the fucking staples out of every fucking page! UH!
And the whole thing about me not being intelligent just makes me want to kick people's asses up one side of Riverside Ave and down the other!
They walked in my office and handed me two huge work orders to make copies of... And I will be off tomorrow to Santa Ana. I swear, I am hating that drive. I hate everything about that drive. I hate everyone on the freeway that is going my way and driving slower than I drive. *growl*


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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