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rockin' kitty

And now for a little update...

I am sitting at work and I decided to go up to Michelle to tell her that I was sorry to hear about her and Bill breaking up. Then I told her that I had no idea what the problem wass between us but I didn't want it to be like that. She told me that I said that she had a shitty face. Ok, other than here, I haven't said anything at work that was bad about her. I then told her that she could believe anything that she wanted, but I never said that. So we ended up making up and talking for quite a while about everything.

I went to therapy yesterday. It went great. I was told that I am experiencing all of the normal emotions of what I am going through. That was most comforting.

While on the way home, I get a call from Charles. He is working in my neck of the woods!!! Saint Bernardine's!!! AND that he was looking for a place down here. I told him that I was looking too as I waited for my money. SO!!! He and I are talking about getting a place together for a temporary amount of time like 6 months. S0, I am hoping to find one in Redlands. Charles is fantastic. BBQ and BEERS Ya bitches!!! AND!!! He is going to drive to Motorhead!!! So I can get just hammered!!! OH MIKKEY DEE here I come!!! I know that they are all or almost all 60, but they rock!!! MUST BE ALL OF THE PRESERVATIVES!!!

I went and bought two new books for myself. A Charles Bukowski and a JD Salinger. Both favorites of mine. So I think that I will pick up reading again for a while.

Went to Sean's to pick up Audrey's clothes. Things are going nice between us again. I hope it lasts.

I then picked up Audrey and wee went to Petco. I bought her two gold fish. A black one--Abraham and an orange one--Ezra.

Later I got a call from some area code that I didn't recognize, so I let it go to voicemail. It was THE MATT calling me about Motorhead. ONE MORE WEEK AND THEN IT'S ALL ABOUT MOTORHEAD AND MINI SKIRTS... YOU BOYS SHOULD BE WAAY JEALOUS!!!

have a great weekend bitches.


I'm just so damned proud of you for handling everything that's going on.

And still being one sexy mama! :)
yay for black goldfish!! Im tellin you, they absorb the bad stuff :)
yeah, you know he better be named Abraham ;o)
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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