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rockin' kitty

so last night...

Last night I hung out with Sean and had a really nice evening. I bought Lady and the Tramp for Audrey. We fell asleep before even the middle. It was so refreshing to not watch Robinhood like we have ever night this week. Change is good.

This morning, my dad offered me a duplex. It's 400 a month, but it's one bedroom and no shower and it's in San Bernardino right by Arrowview Junior High. If I can't find anything else I may take him up on that. It's still a quiet neighborhood. It's just in San Bernardino and I really wanted to live in Redlands. If all else fails... I will just stay home and tough it out for as long as I can. I did find a town home for 975 a month in Redlands but I have NO idea where this is at. It's on Lombard ST. That's all I know. But between Charles and I, we could easily afford it. It's a tri-level house. All of the bedrooms are on one floor and then the second floor, I forget what she said that was, the the first floor is kitchen stuff. I could afford this by myself, but it would be tight. I bought all of my furniture and I would hate to have my mom and dad store it for me. I have already inconvenienced them enough even though they do say that I can stay as long as I want and that they want me here.

In other new...

I am going to Motorhead tonight!!! I am going to get to hang out with Matt and Chad. It will be fun!!! I really dig hanging out with them and they let me talk all I want. I have my Psych appointment at 9:30, then I am going to the bank to deposit my money. Then I am going to come home and clean up and do laundry because tomorrow I get my girls. I bought all different kinds of make up and finger nail polish, so I am ready!!! I may even go and by brownie mix so that Nana can have some brownies!

Well, I am off to get ready!

Later bitches!!!


Have fun at the concert!!! *BIG HUGS*
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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