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lucky hat

Fuck Fuck FUCK!!!

Yesterday was a great day! I had my neices all day. We curled our hairs, put makeup on. The girls look so funny with make up on their faces. They had their make up just like how I would wear it. And up until that poiint, I never realized how much eye make up I reallu used--funny.

I ordered Slayer tickets for The Matt, The Chad, and myself, then Sean calls me and asks me if text message him... I told him no. He said that someone texted him about Slayer. I told him that maybe it was Will or his brother.

I got a call from The Matt wenting to know if I had a good time on Friday night, to make sure that I got hom, and to thank me for going with them!!! So I called him back and we talked about music and vinyl and how we loved our vinyl because the sound is so much more intimate with all of it's crackles and pops. He agreed with me. Plus, you have to take care not to damamge them. I miss my record player.

After our make up, I realized that I had this huge eye booger and that my eye was pink---THE RETURN OF EVIL EYE.

So now I have to wear glasses and go and get some of that pink eye stuff today. GRRRRR.

It snowed up here for a hour and it stuck to the ground. Mom said that it reminded her of when she was little living in Joplin. And how she used to play in the snow. Good Times...


Wow it snowed there! lol

Glad to hear u had fun, I hate when I get pink eye. Eye infections suck... believe me, I'm still trying to get over this recent one I got. Damn corneal ulcer *grumble*

I lub you! *hugs*
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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