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rockin' kitty

I am just frickin' tired...

I did get to talk to my brother *gasp* tonight. As a matter of fact I told him about the stuff that's going on with my life and he told me that he was happy that I was happy. *double gasp* He told me that he was sorry to hear about what happened between Sean and I, but glad that we aren't miserable anymore. He was actually sweet to me. I know that I had to make the first move, but right now it's worth it because I am getting to see my nieces and nephew more.

Fucking evil eye!!! eastcoastreject and I are like fucked on the eye things. I mean she did show her sexy pirate look... ARRRRRRRRRR! Hey do it Scottish Pirate Porn style and leave your aRRRRRRgyllllles on!!! hee hee.

And all I hear about the evil eye is,"so do you have pink eye or what?"

Fuck it's been cold for us Cali's down here. I will be so fucking happy when it's warm.

I bought a yellow mini skirt, a Janis Joplin tee, and an Ireland tee from Target... THEN I bought a grip of movies... Hey you can't be wrong by buying ANIMAL HOUSE for 9.99. Bought a bunch of other movies as well.

Had a great time with my girls this weekend.

AND did I mention that I got to see THE MATT and THE T.O.M? And they actually talked a lot!!! T.M. called me last night, did I mention that? misch74 says, "DUH!!!" I am not responsible for ANGIE'S third grade antics... HOW FUCKIN' DEGRASSI!!! BUT it did work!!!

Good times this weekend... Good Times!!!

BOUGHT MY FUCKIN' SLAYER TICKETS!!! I can't wait!!! It's going to be fucking Awsome. I haven't seen Slayer in like 14 years! AND MASTADON with their hot ass drummer that I will have to post a pic up? OMFG!!! I am going to Jeff Hanneman and THAT DRUMMER? ALL IN ONE NIGHT? *dies*

Hope y'all had great weekends!!!



I love u! Hey I bought an irish tee too! Maybe I'll post a pic of it on Friday!

rockin' kitty

June 2007

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