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rockin' kitty

I am sooooo fucking tired...

I didn't get any real sleep last night and by the time I was sleeping well, that damn alarm clock woke me up. Fucker! So then I got up and had my coffee, and went outside to smoke. It's always nice to just hang out in the morning. Take my time. Not worry about anything except for the coffee getting cold. I play on the computer and watch the news. I don't really care what's going on... Most of it pisses me off, plus if it doesn't have a thing to do wth me, then I could give a fuck. I try to wait until the weather is on, then take a shower.

And I am stuck in glasses for the time being. I want to get Lasik surgery. My brother got it and said that now he can see perfectly, so I may be in glasses for a while... Except for shows.

Talked to my friends at work during lunch. Always nice to do that. They were glad that things went cool for Motorhead, and that I didn't get beaten up or anything. Although they know that I have two body guards at shows who will fuck anyone up if they fuck with the EVIL or THE MISCH. Oh and Marcia... TM had on tight jeans!!! It was totally the booty jeans night for TM. I mean I guess I could always put the drink down and bust the grab, right???


i want lasik too.
i meant to say that I know someone who knows someone who does lasik. I'm going to get the info from my dad and see how much $$
I've been wanting lasik forever. I HATE my glasses... but meh.

rockin' kitty

June 2007

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