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rarrrrr, rarrrr


Tart'n night bitches!!!

Tonight I get to see MY MARCIA. I cannot promise that I won't talk about TM. So you have been warned!!! And I cannot promise you that I won't talk about the show I went to or the Slayer show. And Jeff Hanneman. Or other stuff that really annoys me.

Yeah so no plans for the weeekend, it sounds like it's going to be cold, it may just be movies.

I ordered The REscuers, Capote, Chicken Little, and Narnia. Last weekend, I bought Kill Bill, Walk the line, Aladin, Marry Poppins,Animal House, Grease, and I know a couple of others, but I forgot. I just went kind of wild with the movies. I really need to order Harold and Maude andMurder By Death.

My eyes are still throwing evil eye. Michelle at work, has something else wrong... I hope it's not that. I really don't want to go in and stuff like Tif had done.

Work has been kind of stressful... One of the office bitches at the company that we are subcontracted from, compained that we weren't pulling the right maps for anything, so now wee have to go throw each work order and pull different maps. Everything she touches turns to dog shit. While I was working on the 210, I went on maternity leave and when I got back everything I had done was fucked up. And now she is bitching at people at Edison and all different kinds of shit making us look bad.

Ah when this week ends, I will be happy...


you girls have fun! And hang in there at work, baby!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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