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rockin' kitty


I got home from Downey and called THE MATT to let him know I got home safely like he asked me to. So at 2:30, he got his call. We talked for an hour on the phone about our pets. And Marcia knows that THE MATT talking for over an hour about anything is funny because he never talks. Then we said our good nights and I hit the sack. I actually got to sleep in until 10 which is a major avchievement.

Yesterday was truly fantastic. I got to spend the day with my brother and sister-in-law. The girls and I colored so I have some really really great art work to put on my wall at work.

Your morning lesson on tattoos...

If you ever plan on getting one on your leg, make sure you are up for some pain. You use your legs all of the time and so the Tattoos move all of the time. My leg was so sore this morning when I got out of bed. I was lucky not to wear the flannels because the last time I did that the tattoos stuck to my leg and I had to rip the jammies off like ripping a band aide off. Hurt like hell.

I don't think that this week can move any slower. I have two more shows and I get to see THE MATT both nights. He wants to make dinner on Saturday. I told him that I would bring the wine, then he told me that that was good, so that he could get plowed and I could drive to HOF. At that point I told him no dice... He is driving for a reason--VODKA COLLINS. So Yeah! He IS going to drive... I told him that I would come early so that we could enjoy our wine but be sober enough to go to LB. I don't even think that he would fit in my car anyways being that Toyota makes their vehicles for the short.

Have great days bitches. I will try to take pics of the new tattoos.



I'm really glad to hear you had a good day! *big hugs*

I'm too chicken shit to get a tattoo... I need to have more balls I guess. lol
I feel your tattoo pain. When I got the vein in my leg sclerosed it hurt like hell, I limped for over a week. Felt like my muscle had died.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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