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rockin' kitty


This weekend was busy for me.

Thursday night, I went to see DAVIS and LEONARD-- got all of the 909 jokes about the METH (told LAYNE that my Meth business was starting to pick up, but that REDLANDS is really the Satanist capital), Friday lunch with MY MARCIA, Saturday High on Fire--vocals weren't loud, but it was good to see Jeff Matz doing something other than sit around waiting for the next Zeke album to arrive. Got home at 5:30 AM Sunday morning. Slept on three hours. I bought a sticker for the car and a hoodie for myself. Spent Sunday with Aunt Lynn, BJ, and Audrey.

Crashed at 8:30. GODDAMN TIME CHANGE. *kicks day light savings time in the ass*

I had a blast with THE MATT, so it was all worth it. Funny thing, as he was making coffee, he busted out a cup with all of these bulls on it. I aked him if he was a TAURUS--and he is!!! For those of you who haven't seen them, I have a TAURUS TAT on my leg for CW. THAT alone freaked me out. THIS weekend I have a non-show date!!! Friday night, I think I will have my neices or neice over for our monthly slumber part

Marcia mark you calendar for Aril 28th, LEONARD is in our back yard practically, and MAY 4th, DAVIS is playing with FIREBALL MINISTRY. I will burn you a copy of DAVIS and FB so that you know what you are getting yourself into. AND PORK CHOP said that there was the afterwards at his house because he lives in Riverside now.

I am hearing that it's going to rain again >:<--DO I LIVE IN FUCKIN' SEATTLE? NO... DO I WANT IT TO RAIN? NO.

Had a WORRY about something, but now it is smooth saling...

TODAY is going to be all about work, no time to play. So charge up my iPOD and play it all day. Does anyone know how to consoldate the recently added files to the library? I hate going through every one of those damn things just to hear a song that I want to hear.

ONE MORE THING that I forgot about the HOF show... I think that I am kind of done with the COOKIE MONSTER METAL for a while. Shine that JIVE. GOATWHORE... They reminded me of Morbid Angel. AND did I ask to see the ask crack from the lead singer of HOF??? NO. I mean he's hot, but the ass crach haggin' out is not.

Paula has the evil eye now. I will be soooo fucking pissed if I get it back. I want to spread the virus, not get it back... Then she proceeded to lecture me about TM coming out here to see me instead of me going out to see him. I informed her that 1) quit treating me like I am 16, 2) it's none of her business, and 3) the last thing I want to do is hang out here every weekend. By Friday, I have the shinnig fever and I am ready to gouge out someone's eye balls.

Have a great day bitches, CARRY ON.


Paula has the evil eye now. I will be soooo fucking pissed if I get it back.

hand washing, hand washing, hand washing. And then some more hand washing. Seriously, that is how you get it. Touch something contaminated and touch your eye. So, yep, hand washing.
*hugs* I had an okie day!! Hope ur day goes better!
rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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