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rockin' kitty

Thank God for Wednesday's!!!

Yesterday was alright. I had a doctor appointment, so I got to work after 10. He upped something and kept something the same, but said that he may up the other one too. It's ok as long as I feel more at ease. I think that considering what has been going on in my life that I am handling it pretty well. And he told me that I am handling everything the right way compared to Sean who is trying to replace me with someone else.

Still pissed at Sean for not wanting to help me watch Audrey of switch a weekend... In fact, we didn't even speak to each other yesterday. Meagan thinks it's really fucked up about my parents not wanting to watch her, but thinks that Sean whould offer to help. We both told each other that we would help each other out. I am willing to do my part... So we will see when his birthday comes around what he will do. Both of our birthday weeks fall on weeks that we each have the girl. And since I like to celebrate even longer than he does, my birthday will be dragged on for quite a while considering that I will only have two weekends to do it in. So there will be two weeks more of Jen's birthday this year!!! AND if FU or Leonard plays, then drag it on even more!!!

It just hit me... I will probably still be trying to get my divorce by the end of the year. I really would like to spend next year legally a single woman. Like New Year's EVE. I mean I am getting to do what I want now, but it would be nice to not have that little divorce thing hanging over my head or worrying about when I am going to get my money so that I can buy a place to live. I want to
pay my car off as well. That will save me so much mone
Friday I get to have my car worked on and new tires put on the car. I still have to see if my mom has evil eye because I don't want my neices coming over to get it again. I would like to go to my brother's on Sunday. An THE DATE on Saturday. Now if it's Friday that Matt wants to go out, then after I get my car done, then I have to drive like a maniac to seee him after the car... So some plans are still up in the air, but that's cool. I want to get another tattoo on Friday, but I won't have time. There is always next week. I am going to get a KOI with some cherry blossums somewhere on my body, I was thinking the side of my hip. In May, I want a twisted looking doll holding a bleeding heart.

MYSPACE is not being used for dating, but I have been getting all of these really weird 19 year olds trying to get their MRS ROBINSON. I put on my "People I'd like to meet" thing that if they weren't old enough to but their own, then leave me alone! Do I look like Ann Bankroft? NO. Are they Dustin Hoffman? NO. And even if they were Dustin Hoffman, I would still say NO.


Fu schedule

Does the Fu play there a lot? i know they're from Cali and all...
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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