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rockin' kitty


Ok, so it turns out that TM is at bad at the phone as I used to be. One he hates talking on the phone, I do too. He is also bad about callin pe ople back. I am trying to be better.

We talked to each other on Wednesday night for a while and I told him that if he wanted to hang out it would have to be before Friday (smooth, uh?). So then I asked him if he had watched my Capote DVD and he hadn't. I mean, who wants to watch a movie when you can watch your millions of rocker docs? I know the choice is clear for me... So he wanted to take me to a movie, but didn't know what to go and see because nothing interrested him, so I brought up The Chronicles of Narnia and he said that we could watch that and Capote over at his place, then go to dinner.
And that's what we did. I did fall asleep on him during TCON. So he gr4abbed a pillow and a blanket and we switched couches and i laid on his lap and slept. Then he made me coffee and we watched Judas
Next weekend will be perhaps a double date with THE CHAD and his lady! That's if we can get her to go see the MOVIE I WAS MEANT TO SEE WITH DANNY!!! And if it's still playing.

I showed him my new tattoo and he thought it was scary. I showed him my eyebrows and he thought they looked liike they always do.. Hooray

Today Michelle is supposed to call me and I am going to head down to Empire with her so that she gets her support that she needs for getting her tattoo covered up. And hey I may even get some new work myself. :)


Sorry love, the movie closes this week in LA, and is in VERY limited release. You may have to wait for the DVD.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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