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go fuck yourself

Clothes, tattoo, and other stuff.

I got my KOI fish yesterday. Yes hip tattoos hurt. It's oing to be one of those tattoos that I am not going to take a pic on--you will have to earn seeing it. Well, I will show it to some people, but the rest are going to have to earn it.

Last night I picked up Audrey and realized that ALL of her clothes and things were at Sean's. So I called him to tell him that I have none of her clothes, panties, or socks. He went apeshit on me and told me that he never has clothes, panties, or socks that I never give them to him. *huh?* EVERY week I pack her stuff and send it over to with her. Every week, I get nothing back. He then mentioned that he buys her stuff all of the time, ok, the last thing he bought her was shoes. In the meantime, I always buy her an outfit here a couple there new shoes all of the time because a girls gotta have her shoes. Last night I had to go to Mervyn's because all of the new pj's I bought her are over there now. All of her new outfits are over there now. The fact is that I love spending money on those I love... I love spoiling the people in my life. So the money thing is not a big deal. I know three people who are celebrating b-day's soon. They had better plan on it.

I thought that he told me that whatever she needed he would buy. But that doesn't entitle him to keep all of the stuff that I bought her. And if I were to go over there and start taking stuff, he would not let me see Audrey over his week. What a fuck hole. I will be so glad when this whole divorce thing is over.

I am posing a question to you all... Keep my last name Tucker, or change it back to Gorges? I have been a Tucker for 10 years, but now I am feeling all sorts of NON"TUCKERISH.

The last night I watched her, he came home and was on the phone with the new Jennifer and he didn't say a word to either of us for an hour. Meanwhile both of us woke up so that we could see him. I blew up. I mean he is only nice to me when he wants sex. And since I am not getting any, I figure why not. It's with someone I know. But not anymore. He can suck my aswshole from now on.

On the great side. I get to color Easter eggs with my beautiful daughter today, I am going to see Leonard in almost a week, then EDavis and Firball, then Slayer, the RANCID with my one of my favorite girls. Ok new tattoo idea. I want Jennifer and Marcia to draw me something, ANYTHING and I will get it. I am getting all sorts of tattoos with meaning now. With the exception of the back piece. Chris and I had a conversation yesterday about how people take tattoos too seriously. People always ask me what all of them mean. Why did I do this or why did I put it there. The fact isw, I just get them. I see what I like and I get them. NO special meaning or anything. With the exception of a few. So just be into it. And one of the hottnesses aqt the tattoo parlor said that "that's nice and the tattoo is nice too" *giggles like a 16 year old*

So yeah that's where I am today. I am making this post publec so that THE FUN POLICE can see what a weiner I think he is being...


congrats on the new tat! looove new ink. Have a koi tat as well. you have a favorite shop you go to?
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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