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rockin' kitty

Look what I have to put with from POST ASS...

I am not going to say I am sorry for saying ANTI CHRIST DEVIL'S CHILD... That was what THEY used to say what ACDC stood for. It's a joke. And I will not apologize for a piece of ass and I don't care how hot it is. I have a sick sense of humor that only few get. That's the way I am... I don't know if you read anything about my profile, but it also says that I live in the third wing of hell, that I am from hell, AND my occupation is Devil's Plaything. THEY are jokes. And I don't want to tell people what I do or whatever because it's nobody's business.

The only explanation I owe you is that it's not about you. As far as my beliefs... I am not going to tell you that either. They are my beliefs and I hold them sacred and pretty much they are no one's business but my own. I could tell you my thoughts on organized religion, but why bother? You already have your opinion of me anyways, right? So what difference would any of that make? I respect people for whatever their convictions are or what their feelings are. That's who they are and I don't criticize them for it. And I appreciate it when people do the same for me.

As far as hanging out is concerned. I didn't think you wanted to hang out anyways.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Rob
Date: Apr 19, 2006 2:03 PM

Do I sense some of me in your "Who I'd Like To Meet" section? I guess I wouldn't really consider myself a Jesus Freak but you know I do go to church right? And if you're the anti-Christ then whoa!!!!!!! We can't hang out. I'm not the perfect Christian by any means OBVIOUSLY but I do take it serious and don't like when people mock that. So tell me your sorry and maybe we can still hang out sometime.


Just wanted to stop by and let ya know that I love you and miss ya!

rockin' kitty

June 2007

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