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Happy 666

I still can't believe that they remade THE OMEN. WHY IN FUCK WOULD YOU MESS WITH A CLASSIC??? MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE!!! WHAT'S NEXT? THE EXOCIST? Ok, I am over it for now...

Got my Janis Joplin box set yesterday AND my PETA tees that are just awsome.

I decided to totally go with the 350 engine. Everyone at work--all the old men were telling me to keep the 283 because it's more valuable. Ok, I don't ever plan on getting rid of the EVILRIDE. I want speed and power. You don't get that with a motor that was installed before you even sweat on your dad's nutsack.

I also decided to find out what the original color of my car was. That way I can figure out if I want to go with the red or the original color. THAT way I don't spend a lot of money right now. I mean I figured that I would have to spend a lot of money on it just to fix it up to EVIL STANDARDS. I got a quote from the body shop across the street from my work... 7500 dollars just for paint and body work. Now I realize that they have to do some minor body work on it and they want to rechroming that has to be done is for the bumpers. The other stuff, I can just buy the new parts and install them myself for cheaper. My mom thinks it's a waste of time to do that myself but I told her that this is MY CAR, it's my rocker ride... My rocker ride needs to have some love and I will do it with care. AND I don't want to end up spending 20 grand just to make it that tricked out. THIS Ride is for go not for show.

I paid off all of my bills!!! I am officially debt free! What a relief. Ok, now I had a lot of debt like all of us do, but I figured that I would pay the bills off, stay at my parents' house, and go to school.

I was going to go to HOF tonight. But I would glady miss any show except for FU to go to dinner with MY BEST FRIENDS. And tonight I get the pleasure to dine with MY MARCIA. SUSHI!!! So tonight I am eating fish. I haven't had any meat at all for two weeks I think... Or the last time I had sushi...

Well, time to get ready for work

Later bitches.

You know it still amazes me that people haven't tried SUSHI.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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