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rockin' kitty

The day after...

I thought for sure that therre was going to be all sorts of destruction and mayhem... The only thing desctructive that happened was that my  coffee maker made a shitty first pot of coffee, there was grinds and all the water all over the counter and floor. That was pretty jive. The rest of the day was great. No psychos stalking me on MS, I got to talk to my friend Angie,  I went to dinner with <lj user="misch74">--SUSHI mmmmmm. I don't know if I would be up for another stuffed tomato though. I thought it was good, but it didn't have enough rice and I always looks forward to the crunch  of the seaweed and stuff. Then I went home and played on the computer a bit and went to bed.  I did get my nails and feet and even took time for an hour massage.

There is this woman who read my shirt that says "wear your own dame fur" and called me a bunny hugger. Ok Yeah I do not like fur. I don't like the fact that they are now using our domesticated family members for fur. I told her that I also didn't eat meat. She rolled her eyes. Whatever.

My dad said that the guy who is working on car said that it was in good stateHE COOL thing is that I have air suspension in the rear. So that I can just add air to the suspension and it will life the back up. So that I don't have to lift it unless I want the total ghetto ride.  I know that none of you give a shit about that stuff, but I guess now I will be living vicariously through my mechanic!!! Ok It's all about the hooker headers, edlebrach intake, a holley on a new 350.  I do want to replace the dash. I was thinking black wih ghost flames on the front and side.. It is going to get bigger fatter tires in the rear and smaller ones in the front--I would like Rally's, but Cragers would be nice too. But the Rocker Chick Ride, needs to be done by the Leonard show...

Richard Ramirez is applying for getting off of Death Row. Ok, why? I mean why bother with the whole DP if we aren't going to use it? Why are they allowed to spend our money that could be better used on a wastoid?

I have overstayed my welcome so I have to go

Lovely yet another reality show... This one is on dating and fixing people up. LOVELY

And the proposition to give everry four year olds an opportunity to go to Preschool. No one cares about the kids... I mean I am so lucky that Sean and I are able to afford the money to send Audrey to preschool. But their are a lot more kids who cannot because their parents do not have enough money for preschool, let alone feeding all of them.


yeah, I totally liked the other rolls. not that the stuffed tomato was bad, but it's not what I really want in my sushi.
rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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