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rockin' kitty

another work order... More staples! *pulls on braids* Grrr! I am telling you. I need to find the fucker who keeps stapling everything together and bust her knee caps. I know all of you think I am crazy today. Maybe just a little over the top with the staple thing. Maybe being just a whiney little bitch today... and maybe you guys are thinking that I don't ever have any real problems so I just compain about fucking staples all day and to just shut up and pull the fucking staples. I do have real problems too. Today though you are all lucky enough to read about staples. that's all. I could go on about my baby's daddy, or the fact that I don't remember the last time I cleaned my house, or the fact that I have a two year old who has decided to take full liberties with the terrible two's. Whoever called them the terrific two's needs to be hung up by the pinky toe. I could go abotu stuff like that. But I would rather be light today and not get all heavy with you. My life is heavy enough.


You know you can "get heavy" with me. Sound off if you need to!
Oh no, I know I can get all heavy with you. Thanks Jenn, but the converstation I had last night with Sean about the Prozac is kind of one of those "TMI" conversations. *eye get big*
Nope today it's about the staples...
I'm sorry, we *HAVE* a TMI level in this friendship?

I'm just sayin'...
It's not about peeing. *giggles*
Yeah, peeing is where I draw the line ;-)
Yeah peeing. and you did get kinduv sketchy when I was talking about being spanked or lack there of... *giggles*
Well yeah, I accept the fact that you have sex. I just don't need to know how you like it. Much like you don't need to know how I like it ;-)

The rotten shit question...

So how do you like it? I mean according to my blog quiz, we are suppoed to be spouses... *giggles*

Re: The rotten shit question...

Oh come on now. Don't be hateful ;-)

Re: The rotten shit question...

Oh no, I don't hate... I love to love you!!!;)~
I guess it depends on the kidlet. mine was an absolute ANGEL at 2......but holy shit!!! when 3 and 4 rolled around, I thought she was posessed!!! (no, really....I had friends who referred to her as "demon child"...cause she WAS)...now she's back to being well behaved....but man, those couple years about KILLED me.

I got nuthin but sympathy for ya if you're going through the terrible 2's :/ *hugs*
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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