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rockin' kitty

I still can't believe people...

I was reading my MYSPACE last night and I saw a comment on one of my friend's page. It said and I quote, "black and red looks good on you.". Immediately, I couldn't resist, I tried to stop it, but there was this rush of MY MARCIA that shot through me. I had to post it in my bulletin about it.

I have blue hair now. Well, not entirely blue. All of the blond is now blue and all of the blond is now black. It's very rockin'. And hey who says I have to look like I fit in now... I am in COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL. I am hoping that Bobby has time on Saturday night for my arm piece. <lj user="igiggedwitdanny"> I know you will dig it and probably be one of the only people who will understand it.

I am off on Sunday's and Monday's now. So anyone wants to hang out or anything... That would be great. I miss all of my peeps. Just have kind of been doiing MYSPACE.

My mechanic called my dad and talked to him about my car, you know the EVIL ride that almost ran me over. For my new engine and my new trannie I am looking at about 7 grand. I was thinking it would be a lot more, but I don't care. I just  want to roll. AND what's really awsome is that the motor bigger than the 350 is the same price as the 350!!! SO, if I am going to spend money on a new engine... I may as well go larger, right? To Accommodate the new engine I will need a new trannie. The new trannie will give me an extra gear, so I will have three gears instead of two.

I couldn't believe that The Vibe in Riverside is going to have Faster Pussy cat and Bang Tango!!! NOW that's a show I have to go to.

I was seeing this guy, but it is the same ol story... "I just got out of a relationship and I am sooo burnt out on feelings..." Fucking emo bitch.

Then I got told that I needed to grow up. I was too old to cuss like an 18 year old. I was too old to dye my hair those colors and get tattoos and go to shows. WTF? When in life do you have to settle down and start acting like an adult? Where is it written in the life book? How is a 33 year old supposed to act? Some people are just jealous because they want to have fun, but they are afraid of what their peers would think, or they have to pretend to be this upstanding citizen.

Now about my class. For two weekes straight, there has been nothing but cracks about gays--GRRRRR. It has made me so pissed off. Then the racial comments too? Now I know that I am in no way the person to point the PC finger at anyone, but HELLO??? The hair industry was invaded by gay men a bazillion years ago. Plus my friend Tish and Charles are gay. MY MARCIA's BROTHER is gay... I hate that shit.

Sean is getting preparred to transfer over to Cal State in the Fall. He is nervous about it. I am really excited for him. We have been getting along very well. We love each other we just can't stand to live with each other.  But he has turned out to be one of my biggest cheerleaders. He has been very encouraging about school and even watches and picks up Audrey when I need him to.

So far, I have learned arcrylics, nail tips, manicures, pedicures, perm rolling, chemical straightening, soft curl treatments (I have to sing Lionel Ritchie when I do that because it turns out to be a jehri curl). I have We are discussing Microbiology right now. And because I am smart and just took biology three years ago, I am schoolin'!!! Next is Anatomy and Physiology. Awsome!!! Then we will be talking about Chemistry. I am a science geek. Well, I need something to stimulate me in class. The colorist from Matrix came in today and I was so bored that I fell asleep. I mean I don't know shit about coloring... I admit that. I just put the shit on my hair and pary to the hair god that I got all of the hair and I don't mess up my bathroom, and it turns out ok.

I was so upset the second week when we started working on cutting. My instructor was left handed and she showed us cutting and it totally confused me. I thought my future was just going to be working at one of those nails places for my entire life chained to a nail desk and being talk to in Vietnamese. I gave my doll head litbery spikes one day. Then I gave her an asymetrical hair cut. I hope that we get into coloring soon. I have some colors that I would like to do on her.

Well, just checking in. I miss you guys and you will totally see more of me now.

be good bitches!!!


shallow bitches need to quit talking shit on our 'mos. I'll come down to your school and kick ass.

*picks up the nun-chucks*
rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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