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rockin' kitty


Well, after enough fucking gay cracks for the week, my friend Tish still didn't say anything...  I was the gay crusader today *puts on cape and pink vinyl cat suit*. I told our instructor that I thought that they were being assholes and it needed to stop now because it was pissing me off. She said that she would handle it... SO when I came back in from break one guy who SWEARS on a stack of bibles that he is straight--um yeah right. Anyways he made a gay crack. I lost it. 

OH YOU NEED TO QUIT is what I yelled across class. What a fuck wit. But it stopped. Next time I am going to yell at them that I am BI and that they need to shut the fuck up.

Ok, so like I didn't tell you all the story... Tuesday, one of the girls in my class spilled a whole bunch of rubber bands and nail clippings all over the place. Then my friend Carolyn walks in complaining about how the toilet seat was hot. The instructor came in and asked me who the rubber bands belonged to, so I told her (I will get to that later on why I am THE RAT) who they belonged to and that she split. Well, she came back!!! My instructor called her RUBBER BAND GIRL and told her to clean it up. RUBBER BAND GIRL said that she had a blow out... Ok, so I yelled at Carolyn, "Hey Carolyn, I know the person responsible for the hot seat!!!" Then I pointed to Rubber Band Girl and said, "BLOW OUT ON ISLE 9". Everyone started cracking up. 

Ok, why am I THE RAT? I THINK THAT IT'S AWFULLY FUCKED UP THAT SOMEONE IS GIVING HERSELF A PERSONAL SERVICE (i.e. flat ironing her hair) WHILE THE REST OF US HAVE TO CLEAN. AND SHE HAS DONE THIS SHIT EVERYDAY FOR FOUR WEEKS NOW!!! Then she told me today to get her a hair dryer. I told her to get off of her lazy ass and get it herself. SHE TOOK MY LAST FUCKING PIECE OF GUM TODAY--THEN! THEN!!! SHE DIDN'T EVEN FUCKIN' THANK ME UNTIL I TOLD HER: THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY LAST PIECE OF FUCKING GUM!!!  Then she thanked me... So today I was anti RUBBER BAND GIRL. And I told my instructor just how I felt. She told RBG that she could do her hair after she finished cleaning. RBG got up and slapped her towel down on her chair and called my crew and me a bunch of bitches... So then I asked my crew if they heard her call us that. They all started cracking up... 

I am the science dork in the class. I am the only one in my class that knows what MITOSIS is and what FLAGELLA are. YOU WOULD THINK THAT THEY ALL TOOK BIOLOGY... Guess not. Next chapter is Anatomy and Physiology... They all bes' be ready for a schoolin' those dumb bitches... I mean some of them are so ghetto that you know that before they graduate at least one of them are going to be pregnant. Or one of them will be having a baby from their other baby's daddy. One of them straight stole my idea for the red eyeshadow. BITCH!!! I WAS THERE THE ORIGINAL TIME IT WAS POPULAR!!! I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE SCHOOL GOD BLESSES ME WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO MOVE INTO THE BIG GIRLS' ROOM...

Thanks guys for letting me bleed my spleen to you about my school. I should remind myself... IT'S A COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL, THERE *HAS* TO BE SOME SORT OF DRAMA...




That is what happens when you get a bunch of women and "straight" men in a room together. nothing but catty.

Yah for telling them to shut it.

Yeah, people took Bio in high school so they were mostly sleeping through it.
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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