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rockin' kitty

200 hours down, 1400 to go.

Next week  my week of freshman gets their first practical exam. Which means it's crunch time. I have to practice finger waves this week. Maybe will take finger wave doll home to work on her. I will also need to do pin curls, and a roller section with all of the different directions. I don't know if I will be ready to get on the floor after next week... I am kind of scared to work on people I don't know. I did a color job with foils on my friend MEL. She is really really sweet and quite Laughs at everything Tish and I talk about. She's really really young. BUT she already kicks ass because she loves LEONARD!!!

TL and I are going up to Big Bear this weekend. I am hoping that the weather will be better up there. I think that we are just going to get a bunch of take out and kind of just relax and stuff. It will be a nice get away.

I am crazy about this guy.  He is wonderful to me. He actually digs the way I look and my tattoos. He likes my blue hair. Last night I sent him a pic of me in my glasses. He wigged because he didn't know that I even wore contacts. I wish I didn't have to. But I don't want to spend the money on that. And plus it's not like you are going in for like Botox or anything like that.

I spent the day with Sean on Sunday. I was down and needed someone that understands

I bought some stretchers for my ears. They will 2's by the time I am finished with these. They hurt this morning.

I waited and waited for my mechanic to call me with the quotes for the El Camino Soul... He has had it three weeks. And hasn't returned any of my phone calls. So I am getting sort of tweeked. He said that he wanted to give me some estiments... I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ESTIMENTS. I WANT A 350 OR 396 WITH EDELBROCK INSTAKE, A HOLLY, HOOKER HEADERS, DUAL EXHAUST COMEING OUT THE SIDES, MY AIR SUSPENSION FIX, A NEW TRANSMISSION, AND A NEW MUFFLER.... There isn't anything more irritationg to me than to have some on talk me out of things. I think Friday is the day that I start my arm piece. I am going to Leonard that night.

This weekend is going to kill me... I have Leonard on Friday, Big Bear Sat. thru Monday morning, And dinner with MARCIA??? I need a hair cut, so maybe I can ask my instructor to do it today as a demo. Today we have welcome wagon for new coming Freshman. NIIIIIICE. Just what my room needs are more ROP students. I admire them for doing it now, but I just can't stand that whole little kid thing. Oh Tish, Mel, and I talkl about stuff, but we are quite.

Oh shit I forgot something!!!


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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