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rockin' kitty

Cutting Bandits, Daryldarylandhisotherbrotherdaryl, and The OC...

Let's start with Hair cutting bandits. Two days ago, I went to lunch.  When I came back I went to gboth freshman ao work on my doll head and when I combed through her hair, then two small chunks of hair fell out. Now these doll head are made from human hair, so I knew that it wasn't falling off and plus, that doll was not chemically processed.. Those chunks were cut. I yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK?" As four other students got hit too. All of us starting bitching about to our instructor. She called her supervisor and the supervisor came in and was outraged as well. She told both freshman and senior classes that when they find out who did this were going to be thrown out. Not a big deal, you think it's funny? I am not pissed about the missing hair. I am fucking livid that people would touch my shit. I don't care that they don't like me or that they think I am a bitch or whatever. That class is a class of fucking thieves. They steal everything from people. It's fucking ridiculous. I am not getting my education for free. I paid 10,000 cash to be in this program. I am going full-time and I am not working. I am living off of my settlement with Sean.

Daryldaryllandhisotherbrotherdaryl is the group that I am talking about. They sit on their fat asses all day long and won't help clean up and they do not come to class prepared. I hate them. We were calling them cabbage patch kids for a while, then it was the triplets, then corkies. 

The OC's are the girls who talk about their weddings all of the time and one of them asks me dumb questions all of the time. One of them always looks over my shoulder and telling me that I don't know what I am doing... At least when I went black, my hair didn't trun purple. Everyone knows that if you use a red based product over bleached hair that you will either get pink or you will get green or you will get blue. She got purple because the red blue just stcuk to it. It does look nice, but I feel like nicknaming her Pinkie. One of them is a total goof ball, she is soooo cool. And two are airheads, one thinks she is the expert just because she knows finger waves and cuts fast. I would much rather do things right then build up speed than do everything half ass. 

Christine is going to cost me 10 grand to fix. I am up for it because by the time I am done with her, she will be like a new car.

Kind of flipped out about that horoscope and that reading I got and the fact that TL told me what he would like me to do after I graduate. It's one of those um no things...He wants me to finish school, then move to the desert with him, and get a job there. Ok, doing red rod perms, purple tints, and roller sets, and mullets, and curling wigs and old bitches with their nasty ass, fungal infected toes are not my idea of a great job. I was to color, do make-up, give facials, and do nails... NOT FEET and certainly not mullets. There is nothing there for me there. I want to make a living at this and be succesful. I don't ever want to fit in as a normal person. I don't want to look prfessional like I work a 9-5. Then he told me that he doesn't like what I do to my body because of the self destructive behavior. What are with these people sho thing that I am going to do this or that just because they say so. TL told me that money isn't everything, ok, he's right, but being succesful and independent are two things that I value very much.

Speaking of independence... I will hunting for appartments again or homes to rent. I have enough to live off of for two years. And Bob and Paula keep telling me that I am a horrible mom and I am selfish for going to shows and going on dates. I finally got my gonads up to tell her that what I do and what I do with my daughter is my my business and that they had not right to to judge me or tell me what to do with my life. Then I told my mom that give me two months and I will be out of here and to go in the house because I didn't want to talk to her anymore about this. And we didn't. So now I have to look for a one bedroom or two. I mean Audrey sleepswith me, so a one bedrrom for now will be ok. And it will save me some money. Still a two bedroom would be nice so that I would have more space for her. I will check into it today. I an't believe that some people are in my all in my business. I can't believe that all of this drama is going on. It's a fucking soap opera and I am not diggin' it.

I am going to Leonard tonight, then class tomorrow, then to Big Bear for Saturday, and Sunday, and the morning of Monday. Then it's off to do other things.


where does he live that it is all mullets? Cause I want to never go there. ;op
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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