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rockin' kitty

I know I know...

I haven't posted much here. In fact I haven't posted anything at all. I know that I have neglected you guys. Just been really busy with some different things going on and PLUS I have aeven more of a reason to check out MS all of the time.

His name? Larry. He's in construction. He has three kids and is a wonderful dad. He has his head on straight and is really laid back, but not too laid back, know what I mean? He has a daughter that is 14 that I want to spoil rotten. His oldest son, is like a grumpy old man. I call him grandpa. AND BONUS, among the really great things that he is... Understanding, wanting me to express myself and my creativity and have fun, he is a great cook and is sexy as fuck!!! I hope it lasts. He has been a real positive influence on my life. And he digs my hair!!! Short bus bangs and all. He looks totally normal in clothes like just like a normal guy... He takes his shirt off and he has this HUGE tattoo. And he digs tattoos and loves my body just the way it is.

School is going great. Last weekend, my friend Tich and I did a complete make over on our freashman, Mel (hey another fantastic MEL). I colored and Tish cut and styled her hair. When her mom and dad picked her up, we met them and MOM said that she looked beautiful. I have got my color down! And I am doing a lot more creative things. I know how to cut heair pretty well without giving Audrey bangs that would piss her dad off. I also gave her a hair cut that was even and was by far better than Supersluts. I also learned fingerwaves. Ok, I would rather give a booger green mullet than give a perm, I would much rather give a perm than a roller set, and I would much rather give a roller set than give fingerwaves. I hate those things. It took me so long to get those.

Bicyclists are going to possibly have a speed limit??? Thank the traffic god for that! It annoys the fuck out of me to have to share the road with those inconsiderate bastards. They hog the road, they run stop signs and red lights, they come out of no where and get pissed off at you when you almost hit them.

I am going to have something exciting come soon. I can't talk about it. It's top secret Agent 666 stuff. It's priority one  I just can't talk about it yet! I really want to because I am soooo excited about it, but I have been sworn to secrecy.

I got invited to a wedding that I had no idea that I would even get invited to. Layne and Angie are getting married in October. They asked me for my address and told me that they want me to come to the wedding!!! I am so honored that one of my favorite lead singer to one of my favorite bands would even think about me especially since the wedding is going to be small. They are truly good people. Tish and I are going to do the bridal party. Hair and make up. I told Angie that I wouldn't make her too glam or too Vampish or too slutty (so pretty much nothing like me). I told Tish that we would do some for free so that we can get our names out there.

I am hoping that I can start my arm piece tomorrow. I know I have been talking about it forever it seems, I haven't been able to get an appointment with Bobby and I just haven't deicated the time to it. My back piece needs to gethappenin again too. It's just after that last time, it was pretty brutal, so I have been kind of avoiding it.

I woke up at 4:30 am. I am pretty tired this morning. When I don't have Audrey, I kind of burn the candle at both ends.

Larry is going to meet my parents when they get back from Pismo. He is really reserved about it. He thinks they won't like him for some reason. I told him not to worry because they will dig him and see what I see in him in time.

Battery is almost dead. Gotta go.


It's not that I think bicylists should have a speed limit but that they should either have to go the speed of traffic or better yet, stay the hell out of the road!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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