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rockin' kitty


I woke up this morning with a bladder infection. LOVELY... I couldn't sleep anymore at Larry's so I left at 4:45. He lives in Yucca Valley. Exactly an hour from my house. I have to wait until 8 to call my doctor to beg for an appointment today. This sucks ass out loud!!! Wednesday I have cramps all day, and they were so bad that I could hardly get out of bed to go potty. So I didn't go to school that day. so I have had bad juju with the body this week. But I have been the spoiled bitch by Candice (Larry's 14 year old daughter). She has cooked dinner every night for me. She loves Paul Frank's Julius, so I went on a small shopping Paul Frank spree for her. Larry was all butthurt that I haven't bought anything for him... Ummmm, yeah. I am not trying to buy her, I am just spoiling her like a only girl child should be. So yeah... I already had her before the PF stuff. I am her little cooking assistant. I do all of her prep work and I straighten her hair at night. And I am going to take her on an unsupervised shopping spree. I told Larry that unless he grew a 36C overnight, then he can't go... Her and I are going to Palm Springs to go shopping or Rancho Mirage.

Things are looking up despite my bladder thingie. I have something really fantastic to look forward to in September. It's going to be Fantastic! I can't talk about it because it's Agent Evil Triple 6 top secret stuff. But I will keep you posted as the time goes by!

Sean bought a brand new bedroom set and is painting his bedroom. It;s really weird because now his house is spotless and he is doing all of this stuff to the house now. He got accepted into Cal State and is going there in the Fall. I am happy for him that he is doing so well in school. I just wished that he wasn't so lonely and sad that I am gone and that Audrey only goes over there every other week. We tried getting back together at the end of April, but by the end of the weekend, we were at each other's throats.

I am still looking into moving out because I don't think that I can take another 10 more months of living with Bob and Paula. We will see... We will see.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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