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rockin' kitty

This weekend...

Saturday, I picked up Audrey. She is getting to be so sweet. Full of kisses and telling me she loves me all of the time. We didn't do much that night. She wanted to go to bed so we went upstairs and then about 3 o'clock, she got up. My dad got up with her. I was hoping not to get any crap for that and I didn't. I was relieved. I streatched my holes again. I now have two guages. This week, I will have a 7 week exam and an exam on Anatomy and Physiology. Are you wondering what the A and P have to do with hair? It actually comes in handy when you performing massages and facials. I reallly just love to color. Actually color and nails. I have been going color so far every week at least two or three. I am finally trying to get my finger wave better. I have to pratice the state board set all this week because I know that for this big test, I will have to do it. So all I will be doing for the next couple of days are finger waves. I hate them. It's not like I plan on working in San Bernarghetto or Rialto or Long Beach or Compton.  Sunday, we just relaxed. Today, I have to go and pay for my new engine and stuff for my El Camino. Then he has a month and two weeks to get that shit fixed. I want my ride running and ready!!!

I am going to get to check out Audrey's new preschool today. I am really excited about her starting. She is soooo excited about it too.


rockin' kitty

June 2007

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