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rockin' kitty

An update from evil as if anyone cares

Lately I have been spending a ton of time with Larry. He is still fantastic and I still enjoy spending as much time with him as possible. His family is still fantastic as well. Larry met my parents and they seemed to like him. So I can wipe the sweat from my forhead. And I really hate to admit this to you guys, but I am starting to fall in love with the small town charms of Yucca Valley. There about 25000 people there.

Yesterrday, I took his daughter out shopping. Well, also for me as well. I bought Audrey some really cute school clothes. Hey I love spoiling my girls... Speaking of... I know someone else that needs some spoiling as well. I cannot believe that next Monday I will officially have a pre schooler. Most of the stuff that she will learn will be things that she has already learned.  It will be really good for her. I am soooo excited for her.

I bought some new shoes, like I needed any. And a really great dress, some tees, and some really great skirts, and a cool dress. I can't wear any of it to school except my funky socks, but that's ok. A break from black pants is always welcomed.

The El Camino is in the shop still for a brand new 350 and a 350 trans and Hooker Headers!!! It should be ready soon. I will be super excited to get it back and fire that girl up.

Cosmo school is going great. I got two A's last week. One on my Anatomy and Physiology Exam and the other one for my 7th week exam. I will have a practical exam tomorrow that if I pass, I will be able to take customers!! !It's going to be exciting and scary at the same time. I would love to have my friends to come in for pedicures and manicures. I am also really great at coloring, but you guys already knew I would be. I know all of that stuff is really dirt cheap. I also do nails really great too. I have two options that I really want to focus on now. I thought that I would hate nails, but it turned out that I love them.  It's funny. I have been coloring people every weekend. And everyone will watch me do it and ask me questions what I am doing. This one girl keeps telling me that I am going to mess up the color. I guess everyone knows how to BBQ. I just tell her to mind her own business and I know exactly what I am doing and that I have been doing hair longer than she has been alive. She can bite me.

My hair is still blue and black. But I will change one day. Keep it black but the colors will be changes for sure. I was thinking red or purple next, and totally orange for halloween. Maybe red and orange so that it will look like blood too. Who knows.


Introduce Marcia to Larry
A Very special show coming up in Sept.
Some new tattoos
Layne and Angie's wedding and I do plan to roll in The El Camino, wear Vans with my dress.  And do Angie's hair and make up and nails  and a facial for the wedding. I would do Layne, but he is bald... Hmmm maybe a scalp treatment? Sounds good. I will offer.
Cut my toenails sometime soon. I don't think they have been cut since I started school. The still look good, but I would like them cut and painted.
And make dinner for Larry more often. He works really long and hard hours. And it's just him taking care of his family...


I hope that Layne and Angie's wedding doesn't fall at the same time as Rancid, oh, no matter I do have tickets to two different shows :)

Make sure to let me know when you can become my official pedicurist! ;o)
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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