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rockin' kitty

I feel like throwing up...

Today is Audrey's first day of pre-school. I still have to go and get her immunization card from Sean's. I hope that it's in an easy spot to find. I am nervous that she will not want to leave me today. I don't care that she cries in front of people. I just care because I don't want her to be sad. And I am soooo nervous because she is starting something new.  And I want her to have fun. That's all I want is for her to have a fun day. I wish that Sean could go with me. Then maybe I wouldn't be soooo nervous or sad. She's just growing up so fast. She is already coming above my waste and wearing 4t's and size 9 shoes. It just seems like yesterday that I brought her home, then when I brought home a ball and she pointed and said "ball", and then there was the day that I was singing ABC'S to her and she started singing back to me. Now she is all full of questions and is so sweet. She will kiss me and tell me that she loves me on a whim. I thought that I would be happy about this day... I am happy, but sad at the same time. I know you parents out there will understand me when I say that. I just have to keep it together until I get into the car.  I am so proud of her for her being who she is. She is already acting like an individual and not following people. I just hope it stays that way.

I don't know why. I mean I didn't get nervous when I quit work and started school. I was excited. I know that I will probably cry after I get into the car.

Yesterday we went to Yucca Valley so that she could meet Larry. Right when we got there, she woke up from her nap and said, "Mommy, I want to go now." She got all happy when I told her that we were going to sit on the swing outside and pet kitties. *wipes forhead* Then she was ok and started talking to Larry. I was just hoping that she would like him.  She told me on the way home before she passed out in the car that she liked him. I think she just likes him because he went and bought her milk. ;)

Larry said that she was adorable and very smart. She gets the adorable part from her mom... The smart from her dad. I am not nearly as smart as her dad is. But the adorable??? That's all me...

Today, I am going to get coffee at 9 with MY GIRLS!!!. I am so excited that I get to see them! I wish that <lj user="igiggedwitdanny"> could be here so that I can see him too. But I know... He has his own things to do... Next time... Next time.

I get my car back in about a week or so. It seems like I am never going to get it back and it's steering wheel is never going to be in my clutches... 

I haven't used my Lunesta in over a week. I am happy about that. I am hoping that I don't need it anymore. If I do... Then I do. But I am hoping that this lasts. I do have weird dreams, but to not have to depend on something just to sleep is soooo nice.


rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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