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rockin' kitty

I guess so...

I had my 4th client yesterday. She was really nice and even tipped me five dollars!!! Right On!!!

I bought my new refrigerator last night. I totally know now what it is like to go without something... LIKE COLD FOOD!!! I haven't been able to buy anything good to eat for myself in sooooo long. BOB AND PAULA eat crap. Sean eats meat. Larry and his family try sooo hard to accommodate my dietary desires, but it's just not my cooking, you know?

I need a ladder not a step stool for my house. I swear they made the cupboards and the ceilings in that house for jolly green giants and not for Hobbits like me. 

I bought some really cool little lamps too. I came home one night at 10 and the house was pitch black on the inside. It was pretty spooky.

And please do not tell me that the house has a spirit. Audrey said that she heard someone telling her not to cry and called her sugar. I didn't say it.

Ok, I don't know about you guys... But this kind of feels stalkerish... Larry calls me every night. If I don't answer my phone, then he will call me three minutes later and then three minutes after that and then three minutes after that. He will leave a message on my voicemail telling me that he will call back in three minutes. EEEEEK!

THEN!!! He acted all butthurt when I told him that I wasn't going to be up there the whole week. I mean really!!! He can't come and see me? It takes just as long for me to drive out to YV as it does for him to drive out to here. And he won't. I mean I would understand if he didn't have transportation... BUT THE MAN HAS TWO TRUCKS AND A HARLEY. 

I totally understand Jason coming out here... He doesn't drive. That's cool. Jennifer and Dan are busy people and I am a shitty friend for not coming to see them. Crystal lives in SD. *insert angels singing* HOME OF THE BOB!!!  MY MARCIA is working and going to school and we don't have a lot of time for each other. BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG LIKE THAT WITH HIM. HIS ASS CAN DRIVE!!!!




If it called Audrey sugar, then maybe it is not a bad spirit. I had a good spirit once. Just sayin'

You freaked yet?

wow... he does call you a lot. I suppose that could mean he is really into you. If I were you I would tell him to be a wee less aggressive when calling you. People have lives. I agree that he should make more attempts to drive out and see you too. It takes two to make a relationship work!

I'm glad you have a new place! I hope to follow in your footsteps soon! That's weird that your daughter heard something... but it doesn't seem bad. Growing up in New England... I have had many strange occurrances in some homes, so I can symphathize!

rockin' kitty

June 2007

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