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rockin' kitty

The new digs...

My new place is fantastic. It's quiet. I get the good vibe from it. I have to admit that after having lived with someone for so long, it has been a little difficult, but now that I have some stuff up and decorated the fridge... I feel more and more each day at home.

I ordered some futons for my living room. I got a blue and orange one, a red and white one, a red rocking chair, three end tables, a dining room set... All for 700. Thank the furniture god for Target. Today I am going to purchase some cook ware. I already have my orange kitchen stuff. I am ready for cook ware so that I can cook some fantastic vegetarian food. And Sean has given me custody of the hookah!!! Hell yeah! I have a bottle of  Vampire wine just waiting to be opened in celebration that I would love to share with friends. 

I am getting house mates. My friend Susie and her husband, Jesse are going to move in in October. It will be nice to have someone there all of the time. And it will totally help with them giving me rent. 

My next tattoo... I am getting Audrey and Caelin's names on the back of my legs. It's for Caelin's birthday. So that day I am going to be busy with pain. Very solid. It will get the pain out so that I don't have to store it. I love getting tattoos, you all know that. I get them so that I don't inflict pain on myself. I was getting pretty self destructive for a while. I don't know I just felt so much pain that I had to get out. Now things have turned around... No more pain I have to deal with. No more super impulsive moods where I want to do things.

i am really happy with Larry. He has brought me so much happiness. What I love the most about his is that he wants me to be who I am, he doesn't care that I cry and think that I do it for no reason at all, he treats me like gold. He is fantastic. He takes care of his kids all by hiself. He has a 19, 18, and a 14 year old all living there and he does it all alone with no help from anyone. He has those hands that Marcia and I dig. When I am in his arms, I feel safe.

Cosmo school is going great. I love it. I have done most of my work on my doll head, but what I have learned is amazing. i get clients now. I have done one nail set, a pedicure thanks to Marcia, and the rest have been hair cuts. I gave a trim on a mullet even. I did a clipper job. I did a seven year old. I did a hair cut on a girl that looked like Vicki from Small Wonder. I have cut my dad's hair, I cut Audrey's hair. I did a retouch on a woman. It has been a blast...


and a birthday coming up to celebrate with me!! We need to do sushi and prezzies of course!
right right
it was so funny to run into you today, but just nice to see your face :)

You said you have Audrey this week? Until Friday? I may have a night free, I'll know tomorrow, I'll call you!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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