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rockin' kitty

Maybe this week...

I know that Monday I have an appointment with the school I plan on going to. I do need to get the glass fixed on my car so that I can send off a check for my fix it ticket. 
I mowed my front yard with a push mower. How old school is that? I missed some spots, but that's ok, I can just go over it again.
I talked to my mom and dad about what happened at school. My mom was like, "Well, you didn't like that school from the first week you were there... So maybe this next school will be a better environment for you." She's right. So now I say fuck that bitch who worked for McDonald's, has HORIBBLE CAROLE BRADY HAIR, terrible skin from eating too many Big Macs, Horrible taste in clothing... So do you think after I get my refund and stuff, I can go up to her and tell her that I would like to super size my order of fries with that refund?
I do need to mow the back yard. I feel that that task is going to take forever with that push mower... But I can dig it.
I think that I will treat myself to a movie this week. I am thinking Jackass 2 because I need to see that sort of disgusting sense of humor.
I am going to the cemetary tomorrow to see Caelin for her birthday that was yesterday. I would have gone yesterday, but I was a mess, and I just tried to keep myself busy. I did manage to get the rest of my furniture up and in my living room. I am almost there for a house warming party, if anyone would like to come.
So yeah... That's the week of EVIL...

<lj user="misch74">, maybe Thursday you would like to have dinner with me and Audrey?


Good luck with the new school darlin and congrats on the house!
Thanks!!! I am hoping that they will accept me and that everything goes easy like Sunday morning...
I would love to, however I kind of made an appointment with Lisa for retail/red wine therapy after my first test at school.

Are you ladies perhaps free on Wednesday? cause then I'd still be able to give you a birthday prezzie, even if it's not on your birthday :)
Yeah that would be fantastic!!! I will be there with bells on... Tart'n?
Sounds great!

Funny, I missed Tartan this week, but mom, dad, and I had been going almost every Tuesday. :)
Well, Miss Audrey doesn't like Sushi yet... So I am trying to pick a place that she will eat at...
We'll get her eating sushi eventually ;o) But you know I love the Tart'n, can't go wrong with steak-y goodness.

Lisa said she would go with me to sushi and eat sumi salad and have saki. LOL!

rockin&#39; kitty

June 2007

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